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Still stuck on the ground? Then it’s probably time to jump onto a cloud with a silver lining.

A profession which has learnt its trade by reference to books has understandably been reticent about committing its entire business data to a server in the sky; but the tide appears to have at last turned, with lawyers playing catch up with the commercial world in at last adopting cloud based computing.

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To outsource or not to outsource that is the question

Whenever the topic of outsourcing is mentioned to lawyers they usually dive for cover. As a profession we are understandably risk adverse; the very thought of relying upon someone not on our payroll or under our direct supervision creates an immediate scepticism if not outright panic.

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MLM37 - How should negative reviews and feedback from clients be dealt with and utilised effectively?

Customer service is a distinguishing factor in today’s competitive legal landscape and is key to attracting and retaining clients. But what happens when a client isn’t satisfied and the feedback you receive is not as anticipated? How do you shift this negative into a positive, avoid losing your client and damaging your firm’s hard fought for reputation?

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Is your training turning off the light for bright young lawyers?

On our rounds we’re privileged to speak to many senior partners of firms of all shapes and sizes. One topic increasing being voiced is that the new lawyers coming through just simply aren’t as rounded as they should be.

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Is your firm singing along to the tune of AI?

To those who grew up in the 80’s AI, currently resembles the lyrics of a Wet Wet Wet song; (hum along as you read this) just replace ‘love’ with the ubiquitous ‘AI’ and you’ve got … AI is all around us, it’s everywhere we go.

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Why identifying depression in the workplace can drive profitability

Singularly the most important factor in operating a law firm is people. Without knowledgeable, talented individuals to provide advice and draft, support, attract and retain clients, there is no business. But how many practices are truly creating business environments in which their teams are thriving?

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